Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee held at St Peter’s Church

at 2pm on Monday 27th June 2016


Present:  Ken Mantock (Chairman), John Barker (President and Newsletter Editor), Hilda Brownlow, Sally Mc Grath (Membership Secretary), Beryl Parker (Social Secretary), John Soane (Built Environment Officer),   Andre Thomas (Webmaster), James Weir (Heritage & Conservation Officer) and Paul Newsome (Minutes Secretary).


  1. Apologies: Jean Bird (Vice Chairman) and Elaine Cooper,
  2. 2.   The minutes for the meeting on 23rd May were agreed.

2A     Appointments.

2A.1    Heritage & Conservation Officer.  It was agreed that James Weir should be appointed to the role

on the Executive Committee as the Society’s Heritage and Conservation Officer


2A.2    Planning Sub-Committee.  It was agreed that there should be a ‘Planning sub-Committee’ and that

the Chairman, President, Built Environment Officer, Heritage & Conservation Officer be permanent

members and others join when specific applications involving their expertise are considered.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
    • Beales Place Pedestrianisation. It was agreed that this should be referred to the Society’s Planning sub-Committee for consideration.
    • St Peter’s Church Frontage. Ken informed the Committee that the Church would like to open up

its’ frontage when funds were available and all the necessary permissions granted. James offered to help.

  • St Peter’s Hall. Planning permission had been granted for demolition and replacement with student flats.  The proposed building was larger than the Hall, and the design was a pastiche of the current building.  It was considered that the Council should have reconsidered the loss of the existing building from the Conservation Area due to more historic features now visible since the earlier decision and that the failure to do so represented a ‘substantial loss’.  Demolition had already started at the rear of the Hall
  1. Local Development Framework.  There was a meeting on 23rd May when the only item on

     the agenda was consideration of the outcome of public consultation on the Talbot Village

Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan which was approved.  The next meeting would

be in October.

  1.    Built Environment.  
    • Westover Road Cinemas. No planning application received yet. The Council appeared  keen to extend the conservation area to the top of Westover Road which the Society had been suggesting for several years.
    • Bath Road North Car Park. Ken will ask again for the Development Team to meet the Society.  It is understood that the world class architectural practice that had been selected by the Council are keen to respect the character of the area in their proposals.
    • Traditional Windows and Shopfront. It was agreed that a watch should be maintained to ensure that the original fenestration was maintained in conservation areas and on buildings of interest follow losses identified by James and a shop front being ripped out in Pokesdown despite the local Community Forum’s best endeavours to save it. James would email the Council and send Guidance Notes on best practice.
  2.   See John Soane’s report.
    • 17 Stourwood Avenue. The proposal to demolish an Art Deco building and replace it with a

modern block of 17 flats was inappropriate.

  • 2 West Hill Road. A proposal to build a modern block of 10 flats was wrong for the area.
  • 41-45 Poole Hill. Southbourne Brewery’s plan to refurbish the original Bournemouth School of Art building as a mini brewery upstairs and a restaurant/pub on the lower floors, with maximum

exposure of the original features of the building was to be welcomed.

  • University Social Health Facility. This building in St Paul’s Place and Lansdowne Road was well designed apart from the north frontage which needed modification.  It was referred to the Society’s Planning sub-Committee for recommendations.
  • 8 Carbery Avenue. The proposed replacement of a bungalow with two bungalows was excessive.
  • 6 Nelson Road. Although this site was secluded, the proposal for four small blocks was not ideal

and one larger block would be preferable.

  • Radcliffe Court. The revised design was an improvement and should be welcomed
  • Burlington House. The proposal to add two storeys (10 flats) was OK in principal but needed some


  1. Planning Board. 
    • University Social Health Facility. The Board was given a presentation on this.
    • Beales Department Store. Proposed change of use for the upper floors was refused
  2.   Communications Timetable.   Copy for Autumn Newsletter to John Barker by 31st  John

Soane was invited to write an overview of his new book and James an article for inclusion.

  1. Civic Voice.  Newsletters circulated, Trustee elections imminent, news on campaigns and the APPG on Civic Societies.
  2.   Bournemouth 2026  Nothing to report, Hilda would represent the Society in Elaine’s absence if any meetings were called.
  3. Activities Officers’ Reports:
    •   All activities had been cancelled until September. Best wishes were sent to Keith who was still poorly.
  4. Membership Officer’s Report.   Nothing to report
  5.  Webmaster’s Report. All up to date
  6. 14.   Treasurer’s Report:  Account details awaited from Peter.
  7. Any Other Business

15.1    Health.  Beryl was offered the Committee’s good wishes in anticipation of her forthcoming

operation and she was asked to pass good wishes to Keith Barnes

15.2    Andrew England.  The suggested date (8th July) for the next meeting with Andrew England needed

            to be changed due to Committee holidays,  Jean was asked to reschedule the meeting ideally in August.

15.3    Conservation Officer.  The lack of a dedicated Conservation Officer working for Bournemouth

was discussed and real concern was expressed at the loss of this role some years ago.

15.4   Windows.  James shared copies of the Historic England and SPAB guides on windows to be sent to

the Borough’s planning officers.


  1. Next Meeting. The next meeting would be at St Peter’s Church at 2pm on Monday 25th July


There being no more business the meeting was closed at 15.15




Ken Mantock

25th July 2016                                                                                              Chairman